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     Antenna Exchange, I chose the wrong antenna


Hello Denny, As you can see below I ordered the Winegard MS 2002. At first I mounted it on the old DirecTV dish pole, which was just above the gutter. My reception of the local Charlotte, NC stations were great for channels 3, 36, and 46.  However, the other stations would come in and out (I have an HDTV).

So I mounted the antenna on the gable end 3' above the roofline. I thought this would solve my problem.  Surprisingly, the reception of the Charlotte stations did not improve at all.

Apparently, the MS 2002 is not the right antenna for my location. Before I return it and order another antenna I would like your professional advice. According to, I need a large directional antenna. Even though I am close in mileage to the local towers, my house sits down in a valley. I was considering the Winegard 7084 and mounting it in my attic (I have a large attic space) to keep my neighbors happy. My concern is that the attic interference will hurt the reception enough to not pick up these stations.

Is the Winegard 7084 the right antenna and what has been your experience with antennas mounted in the attic?

Thank you very much for your help,

Hi Jarrett,

I can see why you're having difficulties with ABC and FOX they are at a greater distance then the rest of the stations and there is definately signal obstruction in the path between your location and the transmitters reducing the signal strength. 3, 36, and 46 are just under 9 miles away while 9 ABC and 18 FOX are about 32 miles away with major obstruction.

If your attic has no signal blocking materials such as aluminum siding, foil faced insulation, brick etc... in the southeasterly direction to the transmitters then I think the HD Stacker antenna is your best choice installed the attic. The fact that the digital signals were intermittently coming in using the MS 2000 antenna is a very good indication that the HD Stacker will do the trick. 3, 36, and 46 are at about 155 degrees on the compass while the weaker stations are at approximately 120. I would aim the antenna at 120 degrees and the stronger stations at 155 should come in with no problem.

Along with the HD Stacker TV antenna I suggest the Winegard AP 8700 preamplifier.

To return the MS 2000 send it to the address listed on the website. Be sure to include your customer info. and the fact that you are returning it for a refund.

Best Regards,

Denny, I'm impressed with you and your company.  Your website was the most informative and now I do see that you stand behind your commitment to customer service.  I have already started recommending your website to friends.

I will place my order for the Winegard 7084P and the preamplifier tonight.  Even if it does not pick up the stations I want mounted in the attic, then I will just mount it on my roof.  At any rate, thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing how the 7084P performs.

You're welcome Jarrett. Keep me informed and let me know how it turns out. I am quite confident that the HD Stacker will work in your attic.
Take Care,

everything is coming in great!!!
Thank you very much,

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