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 Train Station Utilizes HD Stacker TV Antenna.

The AMTRAK Battle Creek station provides free over the air HDTV for passengers waiting
in the terminal located at 104 Capital Ave., S.W. Battle Creek, MI 49017

Train Station uses HD Stacker antenna

 Battle Creek, MI. AMTRAK Train Terminal

If you ever find yourself waiting for a train in the Battle Creek, MI AMTRAK terminal chances are you'll watch a little TV. The extraordinary picture quality you will see is provided by a TV antenna located on the roof of the building. The antenna is the HD Stacker antenna from Denny's TV Antenna Service. The antenna provides signal to three TV locations within the building. Two TV's located in the terminal and one TV in the employee lounge.

The installation was completed on 4/9/12 and the reception is great! The biggest benefit of the HD Stacker antenna is performance. The design of the HD Stacker provides performance as good or better than antenna twice it's size. The HD Stacker is a VHF/UHF/FM directional antenna. "It's one of the better built more stable antennas on the market".

AMTRAK's Michigan Services trains provide several convenient options for getting around the Wolverine State, and beyond, linking the Battle Creek area with many points in Michigan as well as over 450 cities and towns in the United States. Michigan Services include the following trains: The Pere Marquette with daily service between Grand Rapids and Chicago, The Wolverine with daily service between Pontiac and Chicago and The Blue Water with daily service between Port Huron and Chicago. Our station and ticket office hours are 8am - 11pm, seven days a week. Station amenities include help with baggage during baggage hours, enclosed waiting area, restrooms and payphones available during station hours.

HD Stacker Details

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