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TV antenna question of the day page 3


I only get two channels, the index stated 13 to 25 channels.

I have 7 TVs in my house that I would like to get reception from the TV antenna.

Why do you only sell your EZ HD, HD Stacker?

Q. Dropped cable, bought a TV antenna for indoors. Only get two channels, the index stated 13 to 25 channels. I do have a 50 foot tower with a TV antenna on it within 100' of the house. I have no idea the antenna on top, it was thee when we bought the house 15 years ago. Looking for more HD digital channels to replace cable. The ones I don't get are PBS, FOX, ABC... the only channels I do get are CBS & NBC. Thank you. MK

Hi Michael,

Before you buy another TV antenna there's something you should check. The two channels in your area that you are receiving CBS and NBC broadcast their signal on the VHF signal frequency band. All other TV channels in your area are UHF signal channels. It's very possible that the TV tuner is set to the cable TV mode. When a TV is set for cable TV it will only receive VHF signals such as the CBS and NBC stations in your area. In the TV menu there will be a choice (setting) that allows you to choose the type of signal source you are using. I can't tell you exactly how to find this setting in the menu because each TV brand is a little different, but it's in there. When you find it the choices may be "cable", CATV", "antenna", "air", "broadcast" or something similar. Choose antenna, air, broadcast etc... Once you have done this re-run a channel scan on the TV and you should be set to go.

Best regards,

Finally found the setting, thanks! We now have 23 clear channels. 

Denny, I have your EZ HD antenna. I'm very satisfied with the results. I live in the Chicago area zip 60639 and get about 75 channels give or take. I have it currently connected to one TV. I have 7 TVs in my house that I would like to get reception from the TV antenna. There is a signal divider in the basement that has one input and 8 outputs with cable running to each TV. When I connect the antenna to the input of the divider the signals weaken and a few of the channels don't always come in as they should. Is there anything I can do that will allow me to connect all of the TVs? Thank you in advance, Robert.

Hi Robert,

Yes, you can install a signal distribution amplifier > in line on the antenna side of the signal splitter (divider). When the signal is divided by the splitter the signal strength of each channel is reduced as it passes through the splitter and is divided to each TV. You can compensate for this by amplifying (boosting) the signal prior to the signal splitter. A very good choice for your application is the HDA 100 amplifier. By installing the amplifier in line before the signal splitter you will get the same reception as you're getting now connected to 1 TV.


Hello Denny's Antenna,

I have a non technical question. Why do you only sell your EZ HD, HD Stacker and Winegard antennas? There are so many antennas to choose from it's confusing. I'm seriously considering the Lava antenna but you don't seem to sell it and I'd like to buy from you.


Hello MK,

There are three things I consider before I sell any antenna on my website. 1. Does the antenna perform as claimed?  2. Is the antenna made in the USA >?  3. Can Denny's Antenna profit buy selling this particular antenna? We don't carry the Lava antenna because it doesn't perform as claimed. It's made in China. However, we could likely profit by selling the antenna.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee > forces us to sell only antennas and equipment that perform as claimed and have the highest customer satisfaction rating. This is not to say the only good antennas are the ones we sell. However, over the years we have tried several different antennas only to pull them from the website do to a low customer satisfaction rate. The customer will let you know if the product is any good. We stick with the antennas we sell because they provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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