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Denny speaks out on pay TV and makes a few enemies.

"In the 50's TV was just getting started"

"Many people thought TV would fail for lack of viewers"

"Broadcaster were begging for viewers"

"Now were paying big money for it"

       How did that happen ???

Are you paying for free TV?  I'll bet you are...  People are paying big bucks to watch TV and are surprised to find that most of the time they're paying the cable company to watch free TV.  That's right!  Nearly every top rated program is on free TV.  Most major sporting events are shown on free TV. You can watch up to 15 NFL football games a week on free TV.   According to the Nielson ratings, all of the top shows are on free TV  In addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS many new networks have hit the air waves.  Many areas have up to 60 free digital TV channels available.

People are dumping cable in exchange for free digital TV... We see a definite recent trend ha penning  in the U.S. TV world.  People in record numbers are cutting what many are calling "the money sucking cable cord",  ridding themselves of the monthly bill and enjoying crystal clear digital and digital High Definition free TV.  Have you ever seen more advertisements for cable and satellite TV?  are they afraid of something?

They're Ripping Us Off... Again !  Back in the 50's TV was struggling for viewer's, many were convinced it would fail, some TV stations even gave away free antennas attempting to gain viewers.  We watched commercials and it was free. Then along came cable, boasting more channels, few if any commercials and reasonable rates.  What happened?  Today we watch more commercials and we pay for it.  TV was so successful  somebody had to come up with a way to charge us for it. They don't want us to figure out how much of our TV viewing is free TV.

Cable companies would go out of business...  What if cable companies were forced to identify all free TV channels by placing free in the bottom corner of the TV screen?  That's not gonna happen as a matter of fact they try confuse us by changing the channel numbers of the stations, you may be watching local channel 5 but it's on cable channel 24.  Let's not even get into deceptive advertising.   

HDTV...  Just one more excuse to raise your rates.  Cable companies seem to look for any reason to raise rates and HDTV appears to be just what they were looking for.  They are so bad in fact a law to prevent cable price gouging was put into place until it was abolished a few years back. I wonder how much money was spent by cable TV paying Washington lobbyist to get rid of that regulation?

Free TV...  It's getting better all the time.   As more and more people make the switch to free TV the programming will get even better.  It is estimated that  free TV viewership has grown to nearly 20 million households in the U.S.  Increasing antenna sales suggest that number is growing fast.  The best TV shows go where the most viewers are and that without a doubt is free TV.

Having a little fun with my cable TV friend.   A friend of mine has cable TV and is a die-hard Detroit Piston fan.  This year a local free TV digital channel is carrying many of the Piston games on their secondary 5.2 digital channel that cable does not have. More games then even FOX Sports Detroit.   Jim, did you watch the game last night? no?  I did.  In most markets free digital TV is offering all of the major networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, ION, CW, MNT, several independent channels, shop at home channels, local weather channels, music channels and much more... Because of free digital TV each station can broadcast up to 6 different channels simultaneously.  PBS is doing a bang up job with their programming. Lets not forget Quibo the new free channel offering children's programming. It's only going to get better.

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