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     What makes the EZ-HD TV antenna so special?

If you've been doing research for digital/HD reception you must be confused by now. If not, you're one of the few.

So called breakthrough technology is everywhere. The fact is breakthrough technology doesn't exist, it's only marketing hype. The plain truth is, digital signals are received through the air in the same manner as analog signals.

The EZ-HD TV antenna simply uses tried and proven reception methods that can't be discarded without giving up performance. Like proper antenna element length and spacing. There are no short cuts. No amount of marketing hype can change the laws of physics.

No single TV antenna will work for everyone, including the EZ-HD. However, it is one of the best choices you'll find for digital TV reception.

EZ HD Antenna

Denny's TV Antenna Source
"Helping America Watch Free TV Since 1988"