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TV antenna, Satellite, or cable ? by Rhonda Duplessis


Are you being charged for free TV?

Many people today are paying for TV channels that are actually free and they don’t even know it. Are you one of these people? What are you watching?

I have helped hundreds of people figure out what they need for their TV viewing. When someone calls me for help and they ask me what do I need, a satellite,TV antenna or cable? The first thing I ask, is what TV channels do you watch? I always tell them, pay attention to what kind of channels you really do watch. Write it down for a week if you need to. If they are cable/satellite channels like Disney, TV Land, Western channel, those are pay channels. If they are ABC, NBC, CBS, UPN, WB, Fox, Antenna TV, METV, CW, CREATE, PBS or any of the free to air tv networks, these channels (local network) can come from a TV antenna, they are free TV channels.

Satellite, cable, or TV antenna what do you really need, are you paying for free TV channels?

Pay attention to what channels you watch not the channel number but what networks they are.

If you watch local network TV channels, these channels are free with a TV antenna.

Most locations have 10 – 20 channels available with just a standard TV antenna system. Some areas as many as 75 to 100 channels. A good quality TV antenna will last up to 20 years on average. An antenna is something you should never be without. All safety officials agree every home should have an antenna to use for communications in an emergency even if you have cable.

There are now many more TV channels that are free to watch. Many independent channels too. With digital – high definition now available each TV station can broadcast up to six different channels providing you with even more choices.

I have been in the TV antenna and satellite business for along time. Everyday I help people gather the correct information so they can make the right choice. Everyone is different, do you need to stay on cable, need a satellite, a TV antenna or maybe you need both.

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